Leadership Development


Leadership is about vulnerability, authenticity, openness, courage and a lot of other ingredients. It involves spending time gaining insight about yourself today so you do not ever feel like you are running out of time to lead your best life tomorrow. How does one gain insight about themselves? By overcoming the fear that keeps us rooted to a fixed identity of the self. i.e: “I am always the one who does all the work…” OR “I am the one who challenges”. In reality we are blessed with multiple selves – sometimes we are heroes of our stories, sometimes we are villains, sometimes we are the sidekicks and other times we don’t even give ourselves any part to play. In this workshop we will acknowledge ALL these multiple selves, uncover our hidden parts, play with them fearlessly and embrace all that makes us US, that make you YOU.


Businesses develop by growing the people within them. Goal setting, giving feedback and having performance conversations while coaching and mentoring is a vital component of leadership as it is one of the strongest means at the manager’s disposal to achieve such growth. Supporting people in their performance requires far more than direction or instruction, and great coaches are willing to invest time in the development of people and their ability. They use insight - looking at what it would take, and what they can do, to bring each person towards their potential.


If the top team gets along well, the job is done. We all know it’s not easy. Our consultants believe they have got a magical formula to align the leaders at the top which ultimately builds the culture and contributes to peak performance of the organization.


Millennials are now India’s largest generation. Their desires are driven by a need for work-life balance, creativity, flexibility, and a career growth path. They are motivated by new challenges and gaining new skills. With this new energy booming in the workforce, companies need to be ready to harness the potential of their next gen and lead them towards a collective and futuristic vision. The leaders today are facing challenges to lead and manage the next generation. Their ability to manage conflicts, listen to new ideas and utilize their energies in the right direction is a challenge. Through this workshop, we work with leaders on how to cross these obstacles and rehearse different scenarios with them.