• Meaningful Pauses,
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About us

Meaningful Pauses, Playful Discoveries!

We are Pause Play, and we love listening to you deeply about your behavioural training needs. Whether you dream is to see a workplace filled with interpersonal trust, a more aligned leadership, culture change, providing the right launchpad to your managers, promoting a higher sense of wellbeing or helping your employees communicate for results, we can help!

Having spent 14 + years as behavioural consultants to over 162 companies, and working with approx 40,000 people across the globe, we live and breath what goes into designing solutions that transform.

We are a bunch of psychologists, applied theatre practitioners, instructional design experts and business coaches who have come together with a common passion for personal and professional development. We understand the importance of delivering interventions that is 100% relevant to your business.

Our Approach

When it comes to physical fitness, no one goes to go the gym for only two days and expects to be transformed. Yet when it comes to learning behavioral skills, we expect that stand - alone programs and interventions can bring a desired shift. While sensitization and awareness are relatively easy to achieve, what we are after is to bring about a long lasting change.
Thus all our solutions are designed to provide high quality immersion that allows the customers to look at their obstacles and opportunities creatively. Through blending virtual and in person sessions we create spaces where people learn by doing and not just by passively receiving information. When people rehearse and apply new skills and find success in the training period, they are more inspired to go on applying these learning once they are back to their jobs.

  • Character Study: We would like to understand the overall organization objectives and pain points. What might be currently hurting? How is the current need aligned to the overall objectives?
  • Scripting: Scripting gives us an opportunity to use our expertise and develop relevant solutions based on the inputs from Character Study.
  • Curtains Up: We will deliver a solution that is practical, experiential, real, reflective and provides a platform to apply frameworks that are introduced
  • Performance Review: To enhance the implementation of the learning solutions, we connect with our partners to gain insights and feed it into our execution of the program.


  • Be Bold and Tell the Truth
  • Learn Everyday
  • Rethink and Reimagine
  • Create Abundance
  • Valuing our mother nature
  • Respecting Others


Helping people become the best versions of themselves, not just on a personal front but also professionally thereby achieving their peak performance.


Our mission is to use our expertise in Psychology, Applied Theatre, Learning & Development to create solutions that help you to upskill in the most effective way possible. By doing and by being!