Office  Team

Md. Iqbal

Simplicity perseverance and benevolence are words that describe Iqbal.
Iqbal has been working as a stage manager for years now. He has an overall experience of over a decade which constitutes a year in Saudi Arabia. He loves to work on electrical equipment and when time allows, he takes up freelance projects as a technician.
He believes in the philosophy of leading a simple life. He lives his life with clear non-negotiables.
Iqbal is a big-time dessert lover and likes doing research whenever he gets stuck.

Md. Mumtaj

Mumtaj believes, “Stay in action and in present situation. If you are in action and work on your present, then your future will automatically be bright & best”.
Currently, he is working as a senior stage manager at Pause Play.
His previous experience includes, working as a hardware technician with airtel for 11 months. In his hometown, he worked as an electrician for 1.5 years.
Mumtaj is an honest, hardworking, and jolly person. He also entertains others by reciting jokes & poetry for them. Taking care of his health, he is a Fitness freak. He also loves playing flute and practicing kickboxing.
Mumtaj is pursuing his graduation in B.A programme from Delhi university.
According to him, “If he decides to achieve something, no one can come in his way”. He is very passionate about learning different and new things

Moudeepta Kuila

Moudeepta Believes in “Knowledge with action converts adversity into prosperity” and only constant learning can enhance the knowledge. One of her life goals is to spread knowledge as much as she can. Therefore, she has started her career with teaching and training kids and students preparing for various competitive exams (SSC,Railways etc.). Her passion for learning and sharing new things helps her acquaintances in different manner.
Moudeepta has completed her Bachelor in technology in Electronics and Telecommunication from BPUT, Orissa. Currently, she manages the IT department at Pause Play. She trusts that “Technology can make our lives easier.” With the help of external vendors, she has developed a few tools for the organization which has contributed to streamlining of multiple processes. Using her creative thinking skills, Moudeepta comes up with new ideas to enhance company’s technology. Her zeal to learn also makes Moudeepta a value add on the projects that might be out of her comfort zone or job role.

Moudeepta is a very emotional and sensitive person. She passionate about singing and doing live shows. If you want to have glimpse of her music world visit her YouTube Channel-

Nishita Matlani

“Believe in yourself and everything is possible.”
Nishita believes in putting “100% efforts in whatever you do”. This belief makes her an indispensable part of Pause Play.
At Pause Play, Nishita leads Project Management and also extends her support in the sales department. She has been overseeing the operations for a long time now and thrives on high pressure/ challenging situations. Nishita is going the extra mile and also supporting consultants in the content preparation.
Nishita comes from a background of forensic science. Her passion lies in solving problems, mysteries, being a detective and studying the human body. She completed her B.SC (H) in forensic science from Amity University in the year 2018. Her passion for extensive research, attention to detail and ability to problem solve, helps her excel in the current role she has undertaken. Nishita’s diligence and poise also enables her to be present and resilient in demanding situations. This enhances her ability to build relationship and also remedy issues for her clients.
Nishita, started her career by freelancing with a market research company and later a Business Analyst-BI, forensic investigation and securities. Currently, she is pursuing her MBA in International Business from Annamalai university.
Being an animal lover, Nishita desires to create a place for these voiceless creatures where they are safe, well treated with love and care. Music is her life and she also loves travelling.

Umesh sati

Umesh is a straight forward and an honest person who believes in “supremacy of work.”

At Pause Play, Umesh leads finance. He has an experience of over 10 years now which constitutes working across industries like: Auditor and Accounting firms, Resorts, Hospitals etc. Umesh looks at his job quite creatively. He is constantly looking for ways to make his and his team members’ lives easier. In the recent past, Umesh has effectively constructed new processes which has made the overall operations efficient and timely. His determination and dedication to the work is impressive. Umesh had completed his graduation in commerce from Kumaun University, Nainital. He is a learner at heart and works towards acquiring new skills.

He loves to write poetry and is always ready to recite one. Umesh is daredevil at heart and loves adventurous trips. This can be seen through his rich experience of Jungle safari. His dream is to explore the whole of India on his Bike.