Office  Team

Md. Iqbal

Simplicity perseverance and benevolence are words that describe Iqbal.

Iqbal has been working as a stage manager for years now. He has an overall experience of over a decade which constitutes a year in Saudi Arabia.

He loves to work on electrical equipment and when time allows, he takes up freelance projects as a technician.
He believes in the philosophy of leading a simple life. He lives his life with clear non-negotiables.
Iqbal is a big-time dessert lover and likes doing research whenever he gets stuck.

Ajit Gahlot

Ajit Gahlot, is a media professional with 14 years of work experience.

He is passionate for his craft. He is passionate, a creative enthusiast and always ready to take on tasks. His problem-solving nature, command over hindi language and punctuality are his assets.

From idea generation to final product, he can manage everything. He has worked on various profiles from casting director to creative director. He has vast experience of documentary film making to reality show production. He is specialized in creating magic moments with his writing and ideas. He is a big-time Indian sweets lover and likes doing research whenever he gets stuck.

Umesh sati

Umesh is a straight forward and an honest person who believes in “supremacy of work.”

At Pause Play, Umesh leads finance. He has an experience of over 10 years now which constitutes working across industries like: Auditor and Accounting firms, Resorts, Hospitals etc. Umesh looks at his job quite creatively. He is constantly looking for ways to make his and his team members’ live. In the recent past, Umesh has effectively constructed new processes which has made the overall operations efficient and timely. His determination and dedication to the work is impressive. Umesh had completed his graduation in commerce from Kumaun University, Nainital. He is a learner at heart and works towards acquiring new skills.

He loves to write poetry and is always ready to recite one. Umesh is daredevil at heart and loves adventurous trips. This can be seen through his rich experience of Jungle safari. His dream is to explore the whole of India on his Bike.

Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar –

A synonym for trust, comfort, love, care, happiness and belonging. He is one of the oldest members of this team. Before joining here, he used to work in the construction industry.

He also has vast experience and understanding from working in different fields of life. He is an extrovert and can gel up with anyone instantly. Food lover, traveler and biker, are a few more things that describe him.

Kashish Sagar

Kashish Sagar joined us to take on small tasks, but soon demonstrated her competence and was promoted to Client Relationship Manager (Executive). Now she is also carrying out project management work. With her infectious energy and positive attitude, she shines like a bright star, always ready to take on new challenges in the workplace.

While pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in English (Honours), Kashish's thirst for knowledge extends beyond her chosen field. She has a keen interest in design and constantly seeks opportunities to enhance her software skills. she is dedicated to broadening her horizons and staying updated with industry trends.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Kashish is a dedicated fitness enthusiast. She understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and never misses a day at the gym. With discipline and determination, she follows a rigorous dietary plan, ensuring she nourishes her body with wholesome meals. However, she also indulges in the occasional guilty pleasure, savouring the flavours of fast food as a delightful treat.

Kashish's commitment to personal growth, both intellectually and physically, showcases her drive and passion for continuous improvement.