Often in our professional journey, we can confuse communication to mean brilliant English speaking skills or creative writing skills. Communication is not all about great language, fluency and use of superfluous words. It is also about structuring and presenting our thoughts in a logical flow coupled with techniques to create a long-lasting impact on our audience.We have designed this program with a purpose to introduce a few basic tools of communication that will help them proceed through their professional careers a little more prepared to get results. Using techniques from the theatre and adapted to business, we will ensure that participants learn, act, practice the varied tools available to enhance communication & listening skills.


People don’t want more information. They are up to their eyeballs in information. We use the theme of story-boarding throughout as it is increasingly clear that communications and presentations are most effective when it taps into people’s natural receptivity to messages as stories. In order to get these messages across with impact, people will need to understand their audiences and build productive relationships. Stories we tell in business, to our clients, teams, people and to each other are amongst the most powerful means of communication available to us. Our stories can describe a situation far better than facts ever could, can take us to the heart of an issue quicker than explanations and bind business relations together.

We have a well thought through journey to make this workshop impactful.


Executive Presence is an amalgamation of visible & invisible parts of our personality just like a tree. Our experiences in life, values & beliefs, what is the image we have of “ourselves” forms the invisible part. Succinct messages, conviction in the delivery of our POV, considering other’s perspective, the image others have of “us” is the visible part. These play out “loud” at workplace and the fact remains that we are judged basis these parts of our personality.
Executive Presence is a self - reflective & experiential journey where we explore, why & how do we:

  • Value self
  • Value others
  • Value purpose
  • Value the “source”


We come across various scenarios where we need to be persuasive and affect the outcome. It can be convincing senior stakeholders on a proposed idea or letting your team members know of a new company policy. All these situations require us to become more creative, compelling and charismatic. We believe that in order to be persuasive, you need to:

  • Understand the needs of your audience and provide information that is valuable to them
  • Engage in an active process of listening, receiving, questioning and problem-solving

Influencing is not about a pitch, it is a dialogue. If your persuasion is successful, your audience would not only accept your message but be inspired to take action!

Our workshop, Friction to Function is a well-crafted  transformational journey. There is a space for each individual to rehearse the tools and work on the real life scenarios.


Internet supplied us sufficient tips and techniques on how to present and influence. We at Pause play intend to provide a rehearsal space to corporate leaders to practice creativity and discover their own unique style of presenting. We have taken on the job of upping  the performance through creative partnership and coaching.

Our workshop, The Center Stage, is a well thought journey combining technology ( through our in-house software Mirror and virtual sessions) & Classroom training. Getting rehearsal space, working on actual business case scenario and involvement of line manager provides holistic development to an individual.