About Us

Pause play is a  platform to experience the limitless nature of ‘who we are’. A behavioural training company comprising of passionate people who are on their journey of self development and that of others.

We are committed to devising simple perspectives on human behaviour. We will utilize effective methods derived from psychological insights, performing arts and ancient Indian practices. We intend to involve and evolve with our learning partners and create bespoke solutions.

What else should you know?

1.We have impacted the lives of over 35000 employees – devising transformative learning solutions for them.

2.Our solutions are a fusion of different learning styles: spatial, auditory-musical, linguistic, kinaesthetic, logical, interpersonal, intrapersonal. We understand each individual is different, their learning styles also vary hence we exist to provide the most valuable methods in which learning can be transformative.

3.Pause Play has partnered with a UK based organization- Outstanding Global to deliver solutions that help us all become outstanding custodians of: Ourselves - Each Other - Our Businesses - The Planet.

4.We are a  bunch of Psychologists, applied theatre practitioners and Instructional Design experts who create blended learning expedition.

In this VUCA world, with things changing rapidly, we understand the vitality to move beyond traditional format of learning. Through our product: THE SOFT GYM: Experiential, Virtual Bite-Size sessions, we want to support individuals and organisations continue to deepen and strengthen their learning.